Here you can find a range of resources related to different texts commonly studied. You can find powerpoints, worksheets, analysis, free texts and General Information.

Sempronia and Clodia Workbook (from Wellington College)

Latin Text  Just the latin text
Textual Analysis Powerpoint analysing the text

Aeneid of Virgil (iTunes Book) 
Introduction to the Aeneid by Virgil

An Introduction to Everyday Useful Latin

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  1. I adore the interlinear method and cherish the Cicero I found in a Rhode Island bookstore some years back. Unfortunately, it seems that the Gutenberg interlinear texts are barely legible on the website.

    Can you suggest other sources?

    By the way, the introduction to the Cicero Interlinear text deplores the tyranny and violence with which Latin masters "taught" or rather tortured their pupils and, it seems, this more humane method was urged as a progressive and joyful restoration of learning for pleasure.

    What bigots smashed their works? Cui bono? Was the pleasure in learning deemed to be degenerate? Perhaps there's a dark history to be uncovered. What do you think?