Sunday, 14 August 2011

Roman Mosaics and Amphitheatre -Tunisia

Alright, So it just occurred to me that I have photos of some of the best preserved Roman mosaics found in El Jem, Tunisia. So over the coming weeks I shall share some of them with you... In addition these I have photos of the Amphitheatre built around 238 and thought to be used for gladiator fights and chariot races. It is also the third larges amphitheatre; only the Colosseum in Rome and that of Capua, Italy are larger.

Especially since the "Arab Uprisings", and Tunisian Resistance. Fewer people will have access to them. They are found away from the main Colosseum, quite a walk away, but if you ever get the chance, this restored Roman house and the mosaics found inside are pretty amazing.

Here are some Taster photos:

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